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Podcast Episode

An episode of the Therapeutic Rainbow Podcast where Emma talks to Tasha about Oxford Wellness Running, running, parenting and coping with lockdown.

In this article published in The Independent in July 2017, journalist Siobhan Norton joins psychotherapist William Pullen, who conducts his sessions on the move, and finds out how and why outdoor counselling works.

The Natural Health Service by Isabel Hardman

In The Natural Health Service - What the great outdoors can do for your mind Isabel Hardman discusses the various ways in which accessing nature can benefit us mentally as well as often physically. Of therapy outdoors she says:

"This is why some therapists choose to treat their clients not in a bare counselling room with a box of tissues, but outside, using the wonder of nature to help people relax and then talk about their problems. Walking with your therapist rather than sitting in a room feels less formal and intimidating... But it's not just that you've left the therapy room behind; you're also experiencing the benefits of being outside. Natural views help calm people, and help them recover better from physical and mental problems. To be opening up about painful experiences while using the anaesthetic of nature might mean that the therapy sessions themselves become a little more bearable."

Run for your Life by William Pullen

Another recommended read for those interested in running for mental health. 
In Run for Your Life: Mindful Running for a Happy Life, William Pullen discusses the mental health benefits of running mindfully and how we can practice mindfulness whilst running.

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