Dynamic Outdoor Counselling


What is Dynamic Outdoor Counselling?


What is it?

Dynamic Outdoor Counselling is simply counselling conducted outdoors, whether this is running, jogging, walking or sitting on a park bench. The pace is completely client led, although if running it will be at a slow conversational pace.

It is not a training session, or an exercise or fitness regime. The point of the session is to talk, and the outdoor setting, and gentle exercise element facilitates this, rather than being the focus or the aim. We may run, walk, jog or sit – this will be mutually decided but the sessions will be very much client-led in terms of the issues discussed as well as the level of movement involved.  There will be no pressure to go faster although occasionally it may be necessary to go slower! To reiterate, this is not about getting fitter or training to go faster, but movement in order to facilitate talking.

How does it work and who is it for?

Dynamic Outdoor Counselling combines a talking therapy with the benefits of being outdoors and moving. The outdoor setting and the movement facilitates deeper conversation and helps the client get a sense of ‘moving forwards’ to addressing whatever issues they bring to the work.
Dynamic Outdoor Counselling is for anyone who would seek regular counselling but feels they could benefit from an outdoor setting. The client and counsellor are moving forward side by side working together to address whatever issues have brought the client to seek counselling.


How do I work?

We would have an initial consultation via phone to see if we both feel we can work together. If so we would arrange a regular weekly session, initially for 6 weeks. After which we would assess how the work was going, and whether you would like to continue.

The sessions are 50 minutes, and I charge £45 per session. 


About Me

Emma Brunel Smith

I am a qualified psychodynamic therapist living and working in Oxford. I am also an England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness. You can find out more about the coaching services I offer here. I am a passionate advocate for the mental health benefits of running.


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