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Oxford Walk and Talk

Outdoor talking therapy - improving mental health through walking and talking

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What is Walk and Talk therapy?


A New Approach

Walk and Talk therapy combines a talking therapy with the benefits of being outdoors and moving - walking or even jogging at a very gentle pace. This combination facilitates a deeper level of communication and helps you to move forwards. 

It is suitable for anyone who seeks counselling but feels they could benefit from an outdoor setting. There is no required level of fitness. Client and counsellor move forward side by side working together.

About me

My name is Emma Brunel Smith. I am a qualified psychodynamic therapist and England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness, living and working in Oxford. I am a passionate about the mental health benefits of movement - whether that's walking or running.

My clients range from experienced runners/walkers who have chosen to seek counselling to those who would like to start running or walking to benefit their mental and physical health but don't know where to start. I offer a unique experience for those who would like the company, accountability and direction from a trained coach in addition to counselling.

How does it work?

After an initial phone conversation to see if we would like to work together you can book in for a session or a block of sessions.  

I charge £55 per session, or you can book a block of 10 sessions for £500 (a saving of £5 per session). 

I can also offer online or telephone sessions for those who don't feel comfortable with meeting in person at the moment. For more information get in touch.

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